How to Put On Latex Clothing?

Latex and High Fashion

If you are, at all, “en vogue,” you may have noticed the popularity of latex. Made from the sap of the rubber tree (Havea brasillensis), clothing made from this material wears and looks like a second skin. It can be described as a sexy and elastic shell that requires both practice and patients to get into. It can also be shiny or matte!


Alexander McQueen, Mugler, and Versace had models donning latex since before the turn of the century when it was all the rage on the runway. A recent resurrection by socialites and influencers has taken this stretchy fashion from the couture to the streets. But make no mistake — it is a very bold and sexy article. You will get noticed in this tight and provocative get-up. 


The price for the attention is the difficulty it takes to prepare and put on, though. Latex clothing is custom-made and requires intricate craftsmanship to be incredibly snug. It is glued to wrap the wearers’ bodies, making getting dressed quite a challenge. But we have some tips on how to wear latex that will make your life much easier!

Use Dressing Aids          

Because it is so form-fitting, you might need a bit of help slipping in and out of latex pieces. Dressing aids are powder or lubricants used to reduce friction. Obviously, apply them to clean, dry skin only, free of oils, creams, or perfumes!


Also, on the inside of the garment. Until you learn exactly how much you need to get through the day or night, remember that more is better. Be liberal and pour it on, especially around any curve or hinge. Not enough glide will make getting dressed a potential disaster.


Dressing Aid Options:


Talc: A classic and affordable powder used to prevent the latex from sticking to itself. Search for an unscented, aluminum-free version.


Blue Milky Stuff: a mild polish sprayed or poured on, then buffed out with a lint-free cloth or sponge.


Water-based lubricant: similar to those used in an intimate setting, use these emollients to pretreat your garments by soaking them in a shining agent of choice during the cleaning process; it helps keep the feel buttery soft.


Silicones: these skin-safe, non-sticky lubricants come in a variety of formulas. Apply when getting dressed to provide optimal glide.


Corn Starch: it is sometimes used as an alternative to talc, but because it is a food product, there are concerns with mold growth and allergic reactions.

Dressing Aid Tips


  • Use powder by dusting the inside of your garment well until the latex no longer sticks to itself.
  •  ‍Avoid oil-based lubricants. They deteriorate latex. Search for brands that are “condom safe.”
  • Use water-based lube to soak and shine the outside of latex clothing; apply silicone-based lube when getting dressed to allow for maximum slippage.
  • Do not mix the powder with lube. It will form into a paste.
  • Do not use powder with transparent latex; it will show through the material.

‍Stay In a Cool Place                   

Mind the temperature when you are wearing latex. Heat and latex, generally, do not mix in any regard. Kudos to the brave souls that sport latex swimwear in the summer! The material isn’t very breathable and can leave you extra warm and sweaty. Try to avoid getting warm or flustered. 


If you are going out in latex, stay in a cool, shady spot. Take it easy! Remain as calm and comfortable as possible. If you plan on being busy and moving around a lot, remember to stay hydrated to keep fresh and replenished.

Do Not Rush                   


Take your time. Remember, latex clings. If you rush, you run the risk of ruining your garment with unnecessary pulling and rough tugging. Sometimes distributors will provide instructions.


Be sure to remove any jewelry, like rings or accessories that can snag the material. If you have long or sharp nails, you might want to wear a pair of gloves or ask for assistance to get dressed. 


When getting into latex, imagine you are putting on delicate pantyhose. Roll the clothing on little by little, adjusting the seams as you progress. Make sure the piece is lying properly against your skin. Carefully smooth out any wrinkles, uneven vacuuming, or air pockets. 


Also, look at yourself in a mirror from all sides. If it is not well positioned or seems warped, it is less complicated to completely undress and start all over again. At that point, you’ll only grow increasingly frustrated, hot, and bothered, making situations worse and harder to get out of.


When the time comes for removal, getting out of latex should be slightly simpler. Reverse the process, gradually rolling the fabric off to slip out of your garment. Do not neglect your apparel, by the way. Wash, prepare and store your attire correctly for it to be fresh and good for the next time.

‍Always Choose the Right Size            

Sizing is always important when it comes to picking an outfit. But with latex, it is especially important since it is so taut and shapely. To ensure you are walking out with comfort and elegance, items must conform to your body to a T. 


You can have garments specifically tailored to your measurements for the utmost best look and fit. But if you are purchasing premade designs, manufacturers of quality latex clothing should offer custom fitting services. Do not size down. If it’s too small and forced on, it can pinch and feel numb and suffocating. Good thing you can find one of the widest collection of latex clothing designs and sizes at


Unyielding garbs make getting dressed a complete nightmare and might break or rip at the seams. Anything too big will be totally unflattering. Loose and baggy ruins the aesthetic and the ultimate purpose of the statement. Remember, when wearing latex, you want everything to be silky, tight, and right!