A Woman’s Perspective On Gagging Fetish

Do you love to see a lover gag on your cock as she takes as much of it as she can down her throat? Maybe you like to have her suck on your fingers and then most of your hand until she gags? If you watch porn, you probably think this is a common fetish or fantasy.

From my experience, it’s not as common as in porn, but the men who like it, really like it. I think a woman gagging on a cock makes some men feel huge, whether they are or not. They get turned on by thinking this woman in front of them can’t take their entire manhood… that it’s just too much.

Sometimes it’s just the gagging itself that’s the turn on. For instance, I had a long-distance lover who loved to hear me gag over the phone. I would use cucumbers and carrots to suck and slurp on while moaning and sharing dirty fantasies. I would push the vegetable du jour down my throat just enough to make me gag and that was always what pushed him over the edge to orgasm. I can’t imagine doing something like that now, but hey, I really liked that guy… until I didn’t.

A man might also get off on the dominant aspect of forcing a dick down a woman’s throat. He will have his hands on the back of a woman’s head to push his cock in further. That’s all fine and good, as long as it’s consensual. Personally, I don’t like a man touching my head while I’m doing my thing. When I give a blow job, I feel in charge, even as someone with a more submissive sexual personality.

Most men love it if a woman can take the whole of their rock-hard shaft in their mouth and down their throat. But if you’re really packing, it’s not always possible. And it’s not just about the size and shape of a penis, it also depends on your lover’s mouth and throat size, and the delicacy of her gag reflex. I often wonder how many women have thrown upon a man who went a little too far.

If this is your fetish, please share your thoughts in the comments.