Untold secrets of BDSM: It’s not for perverts anymore

Despite the enlightened 21st century and sexual emancipation for many, the abbreviation BDSM is equated in its meaning to sado-maso style relationships. Undoubtedly, these relationships, which have taken the names of Marquis de Sade and Zahera-Masoch, are part of the decoding of this combination of letters but do not fully reveal its wealth. Initially, the letters that make up the name of this philosophy, I will not be afraid to say, were somewhat larger and it sounded like this – BDDSSM.

BD – bondage and discipline, lack of freedom of the body, liberating the mind and feelings, obedience, education, interaction on the verge of training.

DS– domination and submission, coarse or coercive, it is the game of power and impeccable and sometimes daring submissiveness.

SM – sadism and masochism, the euphoria of pain and this too. Someone attracts precisely this, and someone feels blissful at the top, when the …