How to Put On Latex Clothing?

Latex and High Fashion

If you are, at all, “en vogue,” you may have noticed the popularity of latex. Made from the sap of the rubber tree (Havea brasillensis), clothing made from this material wears and looks like a second skin. It can be described as a sexy and elastic shell that requires both practice and patients to get into. It can also be shiny or matte!


Alexander McQueen, Mugler, and Versace had models donning latex since before the turn of the century when it was all the rage on the runway. A recent resurrection by socialites and influencers has taken this stretchy fashion from the couture to the streets. But make no mistake — it is a very bold and sexy article. You will get noticed in this tight and provocative get-up. 


The price for the attention is the difficulty it takes to prepare and

28 Different Gags That Will Drive You Nuts

A gag is an interesting accessory that can be used in some BDSM sessions. We all know the “ordinary” ball gag, shown above, a must have for those who play this game seriously.  Although we may think the gag ball is the default bondage gag that is absolutely not true. First of all, there are ways of gagging, like a cleave gag, that do require to buy a specific tool, secondarily there is more gag type than you can actually imagine.

The type of gag that can be used depending on the tastes of the parties, to the type of roleplay scene, as well as what is on hand at the time and safety considerations. Some gags are designed to fill the mouth in some manner, while others are designed to provide access to the mouth by forcing the mouth open. Gags may be classified as over-the-mouth type, mouth …

A Woman’s Perspective On Gagging Fetish

Do you love to see a lover gag on your cock as she takes as much of it as she can down her throat? Maybe you like to have her suck on your fingers and then most of your hand until she gags? If you watch porn, you probably think this is a common fetish or fantasy.

From my experience, it’s not as common as in porn, but the men who like it, really like it. I think a woman gagging on a cock makes some men feel huge, whether they are or not. They get turned on by thinking this woman in front of them can’t take their entire manhood… that it’s just too much.

Sometimes it’s just the gagging itself that’s the turn on. For instance, I had a long-distance lover who loved to hear me gag over the phone. I would use cucumbers and carrots to suck …

Why Do We Love Gags So Much in BDSM?

Why do we all like gags and plugs? They’re small and portable, and they bear psychologically significant meaning.

We use gags and plugs for practical reasons such as shutting someone up (muffling unwanted screams or stopping the bottom from talking), forced feeding and sensory deprivation.

These practical functions often relate to psychological effects. Gags and plugs can assist in exploring the primary BDSM issues of control, power and submission, by providing a symbology that links physical acts to the deeper elements of individuals’ desires.

The ability to speak, for example, gives you power, and if someone takes that away from you, dominance is asserted and you are left less powerful. Similarly, you usually have the power to make a decision about what and when to eat, but if someone decides for you about that fundamental physical act, a comparable shift of power results.

Insertion gags or plugs make a double …

Why gagging is a widely accepted fetish

You probably heard a lot of stories about gagging. Here, we will take a closer look at this kink. We will also cover everything you need to know about it, what it is, and why it is so arousing for many people out there. 

What Is Gagging?

Gagging is a type of fellatio, and it is a more extreme version of deepthroating. You are probably familiar with what blowjobs are, and you have probably either had or given one. However, there are a few differences between that and gagging. 


The idea behind gagging is to activate the gag reflex during oral sex. This means that you will need a penis or dildo to practice it. Gagging is quite common in pornography. For some, it seems too violent, but there are those that adore the act and pushing their limits during oral sex. 


Furthermore, gagging is quite common

Surprising benefits of wearing a cock ring

For those who do not know, are rings placed at the base of the penis with various purposes. They can be rubber, metal, leather. They increase the time to ejaculation, slightly increase the diameter of the penis (by swelling), increase the sensation of ejaculation and can be used as a way to compensate for some erection hardness. Whatever your reason, some caution is required before, during and after.

  • The cares to take are some.
  • Nothing special as long as you are really aware.

Before we proceed and for you to have a better picture of what cock rings look like, you may go to lovegasm or LG.

Prepare yourself

If you are going to wear a rubber ring, put it, for example, for a few hours around a shampoo package to increase its diameter. Masturbate or fantasize for an erection as the rings are most easily placed on semi-erect …

Untold secrets of BDSM: It’s not for perverts anymore

Despite the enlightened 21st century and sexual emancipation for many, the abbreviation BDSM is equated in its meaning to sado-maso style relationships. Undoubtedly, these relationships, which have taken the names of Marquis de Sade and Zahera-Masoch, are part of the decoding of this combination of letters but do not fully reveal its wealth. Initially, the letters that make up the name of this philosophy, I will not be afraid to say, were somewhat larger and it sounded like this – BDDSSM.

BD – bondage and discipline, lack of freedom of the body, liberating the mind and feelings, obedience, education, interaction on the verge of training.

DS– domination and submission, coarse or coercive, it is the game of power and impeccable and sometimes daring submissiveness.

SM – sadism and masochism, the euphoria of pain and this too. Someone attracts precisely this, and someone feels blissful at the top, when the …